Chairman How?

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 27 November 2015 in Blogging

Yes, unlike the Great Leader Mao, Corbyn is a decent man. But that does not make him right. Trying to reconcile human decency with national and global politics, let alone lethal forms of anarchy, is impossible, worthy but impossible. Even the process of trying is destroying the Labour Party.

Then what?

Corbyn’s priority should be to find the power to advance the material conditions of the poor, be they working or not. That can only be done by reducing the power of hoarded money that comes in private container loads.

But protecting us all from direct and indirect violent attacks is the only thing that supersedes that, and that imeans having Trident or an equivalent and at the very least helping to degrade Daesh (IS) while working towards their elimination.

It’s sad but the ghastlies of this world will do more than finish off the Labour Party if they get a chance, they’ll finish of the decency we celebrate.

Corbyn is a decent person but sticking to lifelong values and methods is misguided, muddled, and ultimately destructive. Politics is a shock absorber between decency and reality, it’s not about sticking out for the unobtainable. That way, decency breaks.

Get the Bisto Kids some gravy, matey, before you search for purity. Decency is more important than political chastity. It may nourish your dreams but not those kids at the window, and it does nothing for most of us.

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