Et tu Govey…

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 30 June 2016 in Blogging

When somebody gets round to writing 2016 And All That, they may reflect on Stanley Johnson’s reflection on W Shakespeare’s reflection on Julius Caesar’s reflection on what was, until today, the greatest act of political betrayal in history (as far as we know, this ain’t over yet.)

The problem though, is that MG has more of the ‘lean and hungry’ look of Cassius in specs than the bronzed good looks of a blond Brutus.

For the moment at least, the silver lining (one might even say golden lining) is that it moves Teresa May up the grid to pole position.

Surely it’s time for one of our security outfits to provide TM with a stab-proof vest and put her on ‘dagger watch’ just in case MG and the Assassins (sounds like a metal band) decide to eliminate all those who oppose the drift to the political right.

If you have one, Vote for Teresa, the Portia of our times, to misuse Mr Shakespeare again.

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