Harry – Stand for Labour Leader

Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 17 May 2015 in Blogging

You’d walk it.

Dump being Deputy Heir – then you could spend billions on The Wrong Kind of Soldiers: men and women who don’t want to be there, careers stopped dead, working for institutions that don’t want them, create hordes of idle teenagers with time on their hands and violence in their hearts, hanging around on the outskirts of town at weekends, missing the football, going AWOL, dilute the professional excellence of the armed forces, etc……..

Talk to some ex-National Servicemen about the idleness, the bullying and how the worst characters, like the Krays, were conscripted simply to spend time in a military prison.

Our biggest problem is a leadership deficit. Take the risk, found some kind of Corps, a modern day Scouts and Guides, make being engaged with society cool, make it compulsory if you like but don’t forget the value of oddballs and mavericks.

Big Respect for being a soldier yourself but it’s not all posh messes, Tommy-tight-arse trousers and learning to fly top-of-the range helicopters and going to Antarctica leading highly motivated people.

Leadership, as Chuka appears to have seen early on, is tricky stuff.

Be there Harry, and help find future leaders for all kinds of jobs.

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