Hazel’s in Hawkish mode.

Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 5 September 2015 in Blogging

Where will the predatory Hazel strike?

  1. The shop – surely she has fixed the planners and if their track record is anything to go by, even if there is a protest, I can’t see Borsetshire Council putting the community before the capitalists’ profits.
  2.  The Grundys – throwing them out while Caroline and Oliver are away would not trouble her one jot.
  3.  But I wonder if she really wants to be a one-person, post-flood vulture fund by first buying:
  4. Grey Gables, then
  5. The Bull

Either could be a prime venue for the production of pornographic films, her erstwhile career, and provide “employment” for the locals once the harvest is safely in and the price of milk falls even further.

  1. She’d make Justin look like The Angel Gabriel!

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