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Posted by on in Blogging

History is packed with people whose aspirations fall just short of their talents in the pursuit of power. They will always remain just short of the top job because the true mysteries of real power will always be an enigma to them.

Some of those condemned to perpetual second place are wives; others are husbands; some of them are mistresses; others are close political allies.

Many aspirants eventually overreach themselves and fall foul of the princes and princesses who are comfortable wielding real power: think Henry II and Thomas Becket, Henry VIII and his wives and Chancellors, Catherine the Great and her husband and son, Josef Stalin and his generals, Harold MacMillan and his Cabinet.

Michael Gove would have made a perfect Cardinal Richelieu. Now he wants to be a prince too. Is it hubris or is he in fact married to an even more ruthless No. 2? 

Either way they are not individually or collectively a pair up  to wielding real power.

Save their relationship and save them from themselves - Vote for anybody but Govey.

You know it makes sense!

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The hard left have been the tail wagging the Labour dog on and off for decades. The same is true of the hard right in the Conservative party and they have been more effective.

Neither has been really in tune with the British public hence our elections and referenda have produced strings of perverse results. The recent EU referendum is a prime example and it has exposed the divisions in both parties.

Surely it's time for radical change, really radical change, not just in the parties but in Parliament, something like the Reform Acts of 1832/1833.


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Posted by on in Blogging

If J Corbyn does eventually step aside from the Labour leadership surely the first name on the new ballot will be John McConnel.

He would soak up the same hard left membership vote as Corbyn, leaving the party in much the same position if he won.

Stop flying in the face of reality. There has to be some kind of split and all the PLP and the membership can do is fight over when, along what precise fault line and who gets the only prize - the Labour name!


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Posted by on in Blogging

When somebody gets round to writing 2016 And All That, they may reflect on Stanley Johnson's reflection on W Shakespeare's reflection on Julius Caesar's reflection on what was, until today, the greatest act of political betrayal in history (as far as we know, this ain't over yet.)

The problem though, is that MG has more of the 'lean and hungry' look of Cassius in specs than the bronzed good looks of a blond Brutus.

For the moment at least, the silver lining (one might even say golden lining) is that it moves Teresa May up the grid to pole position.

Surely it's time for one of our security outfits to provide TM with a stab-proof vest and put her on 'dagger watch' just in case MG and the Assassins (sounds like a metal band) decide to eliminate all those who oppose the drift to the political right.

If you have one, Vote for Teresa, the Portia of our times, to misuse Mr Shakespeare again.


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To counter the drift to a Little England mentality in post referendum Britain, we need to focus on our culture, not our politics.

Our cultural diversity has been a magnet for people from all over the world making us a vibrant cultural centre, not only a financial centre. 

It will be years before our political identity is recast, and our creative culture and strengths should be encouraged to surge, helping to shape that political identity as well as expressing the widest possible range individual and collective talent.

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Posted by on in Blogging

Could it be that the first PMQ question to Osborne on Trident, while clearly meeting @BBClaurak 's criterion of making mischief for the Labour Party, could also have been some early preparation for a debate asap after 23/6/16 on renewal of the deterrent.

Maybe Central Office have made a judgement that it would be an ideal topic around which even the Tory 'backwoodsmen' and 'backwoodswomen' would have to support Cameron and Osborne or look pretty silly.

It would only work if Remain won, otherwise the Tories might have a lot more on their minds, not least who's going to lead them, but it would help to bury the referendum which has cause all the grief.

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Posted by on in Blogging



This is why we have an EU!

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If accurately reported, Trump has declared he will not get on with David Cameron because of his negative personal comments.

Fair enough, but by so doing, he only proves DC right: if Trump is so self-obsessed and thin-skinned that he puts DC's comments ahead of the formal and informal intelligence ties, where we are a net contributor to western understanding of what's going on in the world, our military contribution to US escapades, and support in general for the US way of doing business, then he's all that DC said he was, and more, and certainly not a fit mind to lead a dog, let alone his own great country or the west.

Same seems to be true about Sadiq Khan's comments, yet both sets of comments have been far exceeded in negativity in the US.

Odd: first rule of politics is not to posh yourself up, or at least not appear to; you're not a serious person Donny, but try and rise above things, come to where the air smells sweeter!


Is this his attempt to kiss and make up?

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I hope that balance will be kept and next week we will have a hare in the This Week studio for discussion of the impending war in Europe. And Molly!

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Gas casualties 1915

It's not Project Fear that's the problem, it's the willful ignorance and blind determination of Little Englanders to ignore history that is frightening.

Democratic people, bound together by ideas, common interests, and economics, don't go to war.

They do risk undemocratic invasion, over borders or through airports.

Large scale political cohesion is not enough to ensure peace but it is a necessity, just as there are other necessities.

NATO is an insurance policy, not a panacea. It is a series of weapon systems of last resort, a tool for the prevention of war through the deterrence of being ready for it.

The people saying peace in Europe is NATO's job, not the EU, are grossly misleading those who listen to them.

NATO was conceived as an antidote to the external threat of the Soviet Union and its ambitions, but it is a blunt, military instrument, a magnificent one, yes, but it is about early 20th century ideas of power, ultimately nuclear weapon power.

NATO contributes hugely to European security but was not, is not, and never could be the only way to achieve security.

Peace needs all the help it can get. It relies on pooled military power, yes, but it also takes individual effort, money, compromise, intellectual rigour and technology.

The current Peace or War landscape is bleak enough without moving closer to War by disassembling one of the pillars of Peace.

VOTE REMAIN - it's not too late to change your mind Mr Gove, Mr Johnson, Ms Stuart, Ms Hoey...

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