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Can we stop blowing smoke and tilting mirrors at ourselves by endlessly explaining the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion - it's got precious little to with what has been going on in Panama and The BRITISH  Virgin Islands.

This scandal (not a big enough word, I accept) only starts to be relevant once we focus our ire on those thousands of the rich and powerful, who have been doing what is criminal under any jurisdiction in which they are liable, for decades. The problem is there is no organisation with remotely enough teeth to hunt them down, they've seen to that!

This is not about finely balance arguments between lawyers and accountants about what is legal, even if in the view of many people, including me, laws should be changed to bag more of the miscreants who spend their sad lives avoiding tax.

It's about criminals - the kind of nasty people who run Pakistan and Russia, who help North Korea not only with nuclear weapons, but with its survival, and yes Mr Ping of China, I'm talking about you: you are oppressing the North Koreans as much as Kim Jong-Un by supporting him and his disgusting regime.

The problem is that we are not outraged enough, not by a country mile. The Prime Minister is the easiest coconut in the shy, but it's not his family finances (though they need to have been looked at before he became leader of the Tory Party), he needs to be investigated for what he is NOT doing now, that's what is most important at the moment, and that starts in The City, that is the capital of tax avoidance and what follows from it, not the Caribbean.

 Cameron is almost comatose and if the answer is Corbyn then I'd rather have Kirsty from the Archers!

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Sixty years on, the BBC is still using the Archers to mess up ITV then: but this time it's The Chase Celebrity Special they are trying to trounce. Will ITV survive?

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So, Helen may be about to become assertive.

Not before time: the domestic abuse storyline is terrific but it has become a bit attenuated. With her decision to have the baby in hospital and her "Goodnight Mr Rob..." assertion Helen's getting on the road to delivering the liberated mind which will ultimately be Rob's undoing.

But, have the Archers' writing team managed to turn the government into a group of national control freaks in the process?

Ministers are beginning to sound like Rob. For example, on Education, it's only six years until everything is based on their 'Academy' ethos. Instead of accountable local councillors running schools, it will be a bunch of free-market, "my way or no way" profit-mongers who will decide what is best for all children based on a curriculum dreamt up in their controlling, manipulative, me-based, Titchener-like minds.

Like the Titchener system, if their system doesn't work for the rest of us, it's our fault. All we need to do is take more of the medicine they prescribe and do what their fawning mothers say because we are infants - so there!

Kirsty needs to go and talk to mums and dads who want to have a say in their own children's education, their own maternity arrangements, health service, local environment,  their own priorities for welfare expenditure.

Kirsty the true friend, can see the reality of Helen being alternately patronised and bullied by a cruel, narrow-gauge mind such as Robs. Can she shift the same kind of minds in government, minds who think that the way they have financialised society - housing, welfare, disability, care for the elderly, prisons, transport... and that anything they do towards their goal justifies their means.

Helen is a metaphor for most of us: supine until the full ghastliness of the way we are grazed by those in political and economic power, grazed by those with see us only as producers and consumers and just want more and more power and they don't mind who they crush as long as more of us are made to bend to their will.

Wherever Rob is going, and let's hope it's North Korea at least, let the brigade of "I know best and if you don't give way to me and do what I say, then I'll curl up, put my thumb in my mouth (twitter won't let me use the s word) and have a kiddy-fit" go there too.


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Round and Round like the Windmills of confused minds

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So, the years of duelling between Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne have reached some kind of critical phase. The result is that both their careers are probably over, having beaten each other senseless for years rather than doing the jobs we pay them handsomely to perform.

Whether we get Bremain or Brexit, the next three month's are going to feel like Francisco Goya's Duel with Cudgels.  There is an air about them now that suggests GO and IDS are going to go on and on when nobody much cares any more.

I do hope that political writers will be able to resist the temptation to be drawn into what looks like a half-way house between a playground fight and Tory blood feud. But I suspect we all really want a ringside seat, after all the future of the country is far too trivial a matter compared with endless speculation about their disdain for each other.

After all, War & Peace is over.

Pity neither of them is called Urquart.

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