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Posted by on in Blogging

So, Corbyn has created a completely new politics after all, courtesy of John Mills, Lord Mandleson, Charles Clarke and the Today Programme:




Shadow Shadow Prime Minister: Angela Eagle (lunchtime on alternate Wednesdays only)

Shadow Shadow Chancellor: Shabana Mahmood

Shadow Shadow Foreign Secretary: Chukka Ummuna

Shadow Shadow Home Secretary: Liz Kendall

Shadow Shadow Health Secretary: Yvette Cooper

Shadow Shadow Education Secretary: Tristram Hunt

Shadow Shadow Defence Secretary: Dan Jarvis

Shadow Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary: Ivan Lewis

Shadow Shadow Business Secretary: Chris Leslie

Shadow Shadow Work and Pensions: John Woodcock

Shadow Shadow Chief Secretary: Rachel Reeves

Shadow Shadow DEFRA: Emma Reynolds

Shadow Shadow Culture Media and Sport: Caroline Flint


Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? 

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Migrating birds

Fly free from

North to South;

Loan words

Travel gratis,

Mouth to mouth.

Refugees escape

War for peace,

Then must pay

Hungarian police.

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Posted by on in Blogging

Where will the predatory Hazel strike?

  1. The shop – surely she has fixed the planners and if their track record is anything to go by, even if there is a protest, I can’t see Borsetshire Council putting the community before the capitalists’ profits.
  3. The Grundys – throwing them out while Caroline and Oliver are away would not trouble her one jot.
  5.   But I wonder if she really wants to be a one-person, post-flood vulture fund by first buying:

   Grey Gables, then

   The Bull

    Either could be a prime venue for the production of pornographic films, her erstwhile career, and provide “employment” for the locals once the harvest is safely in and the price of milk falls even further.

  1. She’d make Justin look like The Angel Gabriel!
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Mr Abdul Haroun should be awarded the CBE for making it through the E-tunnel, not charged with obstruction. 

With such determination he is clearly somebody to be supported. Those who agree need to be watchful to ensure he is properly treated. That may mean petitions and funding.

I hope our so-called government takes note and that he is not only welcomed on a permanent basis but that his family is welcomed too and that he is given backing to enter whatever calling he has, be it professional, commercial or simply looking after his family.

Welcome Mr Haroun. 

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Posted by on in Blogging

First he bans Beevor and Keegan's books on World War Two.

Then he bans EU food and bulldozes it into tips.

Then he provides Russian farmers with 32m roubles to one company, to subsidise milk production (a third of all Russian support for its agriculture) when there is a worldwide glut.

Now he wants to ban non-Russian condoms, potentially spreading HIV and risking unwanted pregnancies.

It may have something to do with trying to boost Russian population, but that would suggest he's never heard of the "demographic transition" or "the demographic paradox".

Come on Russian people, you are being duped.

Lower birth rates are based on increased GDP/capita, i.e greater individual prosperity, not, as Malthus believed in 1798 on moral restraint imposed from above, in his case by the church.

Economic development is the best contraceptive. Fewer births arise from greater life expectancy, individual choice based on education, greater individual freedom and empowerment (especially among women) urbanisation and social stability.

Fewer unwanted births lead to greater prosperity which in turn leads to social and economic progress.

Increased population based on ignorance does not lead to prosperity but the opposite and without prosperity there is only greater and greater poverty, ignorance and more unwanted pregnancies.

Apart from the economic nonsense of it all, think of the humanitarian aspects of such a policy, and sign up to change it!


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Posted by on in Blogging

Hoo Hoo Ray, Ay Wei Wei:

I hope you have a pleasant stay!

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Posted by on in Blogging

Finance: Silvio Berlusconi

Culture: Gerard Depardieu

Defence: Bashar al-Assad

Information: Ed Snowden

Sport: Sepp Blatter

Economics: Jeremy Corbyn

Foreign Affairs: Alexis Tsipras

Minister Without Portfolio: Donald Trump

Macho Images: Yanis Varoufakis


Great Stuff Vladimir!

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Posted by on in Blogging

Cameron gives an extended interview on US TV, pledging the UK to its old alliance with the US;

Obama gives extended interview on BBC TV thanking him, and 'helping' the Europroject.

Whose strategy is this?

Well, it takes two.

Are we in for a Brief Encounter type affair between them, a sort of tears in the waiting room romance in the closing years of their two careers at the top, a late, rather weepy self-denial before a parting of the ways as they contemplate the world as it might have been.

Will the British electorate really pay any attention to the self-confessed custodian of US interests when their pencils  hover over the No square on the EU Referendum ballot paper.

Barack Obama is a thoroughly decent, warm and convincing leader, but he leads the people of a politically-successful, federal state not the people of part of a politically unsuccessful ersatz state. He is a Leviathan not a Lilliputian. Barack Obama cannot forget it, nor should he.

The EU deserves a positive vote because if it fails, war will beckon. We Lilliputians have forgotten that, and squabble over the price of beans, fiscal and half-baked.

But the suspicion must be, that having the cousins on our case will not help those arguing for "BritStay" who will be wary of American entreaties, even if they come from possibly the president closest ever to the European sensibilities.

I would congratulate the BBC on the interview, but they got in way ahead of me to slap their own backs, and will do for the rest of the day no doubt. You're very good BBC, but telling Cameron is more important than telling the rest of us who already know.

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Posted by on in Blogging

There's a petition on that is pressing the UK Govt on the matter of Yazidi women and girls who have been treated inhumanly by ISIS. I've signed please do too.

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With Debbie approaching Adam and investing in Kate, I wonder if the BBC has some kind of a deal going with Hungary, selling formats and producing a The Magyarchers. Alice and Phoebe could hack running Home Farm blindfold before breakfast Their combined brain power could  induce a long overdue heart attack for Brian, or an encounter with a bull, or Alzheimers. He is forced to take a back seat leaving Jenny as chatelaine. Brian has to depart for the Laurels.

In the meantime, apoplexy looms when Brian finds out that Debbie is tempting her half siblings to flee the nest; I bet he'll be off to the lawyers. 

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