Blues and Twos

Police, Ambulance, Fire, Paramedic, Air-sea Rescue


Blues and Twos is the book of the BAFTA-winning, ITV1 series. It gives an insider’s view of the working lives of the men and women of Britain’s emergency services, the Paramedics, police officers, fire fighters, lifeboat men, ambulance drivers, helicopter pilots, winch men and coastguard: whose professionalism and dedication are put to the test every day.

Whether answering a 999 call to a terrorist outrage or a house fire, or arriving at the scene of a motorway pile up, they have to make dramatic life-and-death decisions, often in dangerous circumstances. Daily, their work comes into our homes through TV, radio and print news, yet the real heroes are nearly always anonymous, too busy doing their job to seek the limelight.

Ivan Rendall was the originator of Blues and Twos and the Executive Producer for its six years on ITV where it attracted huge audiences. He wrote this book of the series which includes the history of major, dramatic incidents, disasters and rescues such as Hillsborough, Aberrant, Zeebrugge, Clapham, and Princes Gate. The book includes a history of the evolution of humanitarian endeavour through the working lives of those whose courage and expertise can be taken for granted.


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