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The Chequered Flag

Hundred Years of Motor Racing


This is a unique and detailed, year by year account of 112 years of international motor racing complete with a complete record of its topmost forms including Grands Prix, The F1 World Championship, the Indianapolis 500, the American National Championship, NASCAR and the Daytona 500, Le Mans and others such as the Gordon Bennet races, the Targa Florio, and the Mille Miglia.

The book starts on 22 July 1894 when Count Jules de Dion was the fastest of 21 “horseless carriages” on the Paris to Rouen “reliability trial” at 11 mph on public roads in a steam-powered car which required a “chauffeur”, literally, a stoker; he was disqualified on this account by the judges. It ends in 2007 with Michael Schumacher’s retirement and the advent of Lewis Hamilton as World Champion.

The format enables the reader to follow the individual drivers’ careers and the technical developments. It includes over 600 historic photographs and other illustrations, of classic moments, classic cars, classic circuits, technical developments and all the top drivers. It shows the impact of men such as Gordon Bennett, Marcel and Louis Renault, Enzo Ferrari, Harry Miller, Adolf Hitler, John Cooper, Colin Chapman, and the extraordinary Bernie Ecclestone.

The Chequered Flag was first published in 1993 and updated and re-issued in 1997 and 2007.


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