Chronicle of Aviation

Editorial consultant on international history of aviation in a news story format


This is a unique, international publication: a year by year account of the story of aviation presented in a contemporary news format. It is part of the Chronicle series of popular history books which includes the Twentieth Century, the World, The Royal Family and the Second World war. Each page is lavishly illustrated around a wealth of detail and the areas covered range from the mainstream to the quirky and obscure.

It covers all the major themes in aviation: warfare, civil flight, private flying, space travel and experimental flight. It is accessible but authoritative, a story book and a work of reference, it has a cross refence system that enables the reader to follow particular developments and discover how they interact with other strands.

It portrays aviation as a popular spectacle, a business and it explores the lives of aviators and the aircraft they used to forge one of the great achievements of the twentieth century.


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