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The Power Game

The History of Formula 1 and the World Championship


The British Grand Prix in 1994 had three very special guests: Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry. They represented The World Championship’s move from shadow of the old motor industry into a popular culture dominated by celebrities. It was a high point in the commercial development of the sport as a rich source of money jobs and expertise in Cool Britannia.

Three years later, the new sport was able to ride out the scandal surrounding the special treatment given to Formula 1 in the row over the EU’s banning of tobacco in sport and a £1m contribution to the Labour Part by the most powerful man in the sport, Bernie Ecclestone who predicted the removal of tobacco sponsorship would result in the loss of eight European Grands Prix.

The Power Game tells the story of Formula 1 and The Drivers’ World Championship against that background. It shows how advertising, television, money, globalisation, business toughness, glamour, branding and politics played their parts in making a national Grand Prix a must have in the Gulf, and the Pacific Rim. It shows how a small group of British motor traders changed the racing car that today most of the cars and engines are designed and built here.


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