Kirsty Allsop 4 Ambridge

Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 21 July 2014 in Blogging

Kirsty is, I’m sure, a wonderful opener of village fetes. I’m sure she will simply adore the knitted goodies of the Lillian/ Peggy variety and will give them prizes. Perfect for the cutting dialogue moment, don’t you know?

But as far as the rather more pressing matter of the Route 3 protest is concerned, I’m not so sure.

Come on Kirsty, show us your mettle, stride up to the BL stall with an embroidered tabard saying “No Ambridge Road!” or “Justin’s a Jelly Belly.”

Ah Well, so HRH turned the BBC down. Surely not!

Keep trying: two cameos are better than one and I suppose Kirsty could just be a cover story. Come the day, I’m sure Charles will leap naked from an organic Lemon Drizzle Cake made by Owen Patterson’s good lady wife.

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