New Archers – The Fourth Generation Takes Charge!

Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 15 September 2015 in Blogging

Daniel – becomes a Good Soldier, goes from RTR to SAS, then struck down being a hero and disabled?

Phoebe – team Leader on University Challenge, a First in Greats and an Olympic rowing cox?

Pip – blossoms as a farmer, will add Home Farm and/or BL to her parish.

Adam – decides to retire in favour of Pip as contractor working with Debbie, sees the Green light – pundit, activist, MP?

Johnny – opens the batting for MCC in 2025 Ashes Test?

Debbie – will be farming the whole of Hungary soon, then start on Slovakia.

Kate – very late developer, succeeds in hippy-happy therapy the turns to poetry, growing organic perfume plants for votive candles and lives a bisexual life.

Meriel – the next Australian Prime Minister but 21.

Rhorie – gets his own show on RTE aged 18, fronts Saturday nights on ITV and makes enough money by switching to US TV to buy BL out of the change from filling up his exec jet at pumps. (Does Who Do You Think You Are? and finds lots of Irish cousins.)

Alice – next Briton in space,  getting a crater on the far side of the moon named after Ambridge.

Josh – realising there is no place for boys at Brookfield, emigrates to Australia.

Ben – signs up as an apprentice for MUFC, plays in the World Cup 2024.

Tom – marries Kirsty and they take over the Bridge Farm shop.

Henry – first transgender character in Ambridge.

James – is left half the Bull when Lilian’s lungs, liver and kidneys fail and/or her heart is finally acknowledged to be broken; buys out Kenton, turns it round and sells it to Harvester – Kenton cheated again.

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