Pear Trees before HS2 – definitely!

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 10 November 2015 in Blogging

This pear tree was planted about 1890 in Worcestershire; it produces huge crops of quite sweet pears which have been a joy to my grandchildren for years.

Spend the billions of HS2 money on improving rail journeys all over the country, making the system more user friendly, rather than on destructive political projects that shave minutes off the journey – it’s a no brainer, but then political backers of HS2 have no brains.

Most of the people who might get jobs on HS2 could work on improving the railways with creative ideas how to make journeys more agreeable and more punctual, and those that don’t could get apprenticeships to tree biologists and surgeons, helping to stop the spread of tree disease.

Cutting down or digging up trees that have been producing fruit every year since long before the First World War, and were admired by some of the men who took part, would be cutting living links with the past. 

Must go now, around dawn I’ll go and hug the pear tree and have a chat!

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