Putin Latest!

Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 7 August 2015 in Blogging

First he bans Beevor and Keegan’s books on World War Two.

Then he bans EU food and bulldozes it into tips.

Then he provides Russian farmers with 32m roubles to one company, to subsidise milk production (a third of all Russian support for its agriculture) when there is a worldwide glut.

Now he wants to ban non-Russian condoms, potentially spreading HIV and risking unwanted pregnancies.

It may have something to do with trying to boost Russian population, but that would suggest he’s never heard of the “demographic transition” or “the demographic paradox”.

Come on Russian people, you are being duped.

Lower birth rates are based on increased GDP/capita, i.e greater individual prosperity, not, as Malthus believed in 1798 on moral restraint imposed from above, in his case by the church.

Economic development is the best contraceptive. Fewer births arise from greater life expectancy, individual choice based on education, greater individual freedom and empowerment (especially among women) urbanisation and social stability.

Fewer unwanted births lead to greater prosperity which in turn leads to social and economic progress.

Increased population based on ignorance does not lead to prosperity but the opposite and without prosperity there is only greater and greater poverty, ignorance and more unwanted pregnancies.

Apart from the economic nonsense of it all, think of the humanitarian aspects of such a policy, and sign up to change it!

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