Putin v. The Wrinklies

Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 23 May 2015 in Blogging

BBC Trending reports that some 500 Russian Women have posted selfies at #WrinkledWomen (in Cyrillic letters). All the photos are of wrinkled up female faces. The women are protesting at the crass masculinity of Putin’s cult of “manliness” which is sweeping Russia.

The protest was sparked off by a 47 year-old Russian police chief in Muslim Chechnya who has just gone through an arranged marriage with a 17 year old girl. He is already married so she is his second wife, a status denied him in Orthodox Russia.

In response, Putin’s Children’s Ombudsman relies on a novel, not to say exotic rationale in defence of the marriage: that women reach sexual maturity younger in Caucasia and that they reach a state of wrinkleless at 27 normally associated with 50 year old women. The dictator of Chechnya demanded that men stop their wives using What’s Up App”.

Well, look out Alina Kabaeva, 32, Putin’s ex-gymnast, apparently Caucasian girlfriend who, according to the Moscow rumour mill is pregnant and may have already produced one child for Putin. If so, let’s hope they are both girls and that Vladdo is not trying for a male heir, like Plantagenet kings or Henry 8th, and prepared to sacrifice all just to have a prince.

I wish his daughters no harm, indeed I wish then all happiness, but changing the way of finding rulers of Russia to primogeniture would be another step back.

Women of the World: post selfies or wrinklies, direct to @Putin and any Russian sites that are open to you. I would, but I’m male, 68, have a beard and am not a Chechen.

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