Posted by Ivan Rendall on Saturday, 2 June 2015 in Blogging

Good Lord!

I’d no sooner posted the previous blog than the news came on the radio that Blatter had resigned. The power!!!!

The first thought was: Hooray!

The second: Why not last Friday, before the vote?

The third: He’s been pushed!

The fourth: Who pushed him? FBI? Putin? Dark Forces? South African FA? 

The fifth: Will his daughter stand?

The sixth: Who will investigate? Quis cusdodiet custodes?

The seventh: Is he about to be hauled in by US Loretta Lynch?

The eigth: Will he get huge payoff?

The ninth: Is FA a help or a hindrance to process?

The tenth: Who is the best candidate?

Whatever else, Loretta Lych should be drawn to the attention of the Pope as a miracle worker: she’s achieved more in a few days than thousands of men in thirty years. Shame she can’t run FIFA! Better if she runs for US President.

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