The Returners – an everyday story of written out folk!

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 11 April 2016 in Blogging

Somebody appears to have trawled the Archers archive very effectively to round up the veritable stream of ancient names thrust into the bosom of Ambridge long after they were written out: Fairbrother, Grundy (Alfonso), now Tregorran.

Can I draw the writers’ attention to possibly the most famous name in the series other than Archer: Gabriel.

Walter and Nelson are both dead (though you can never be sure with Nelson) but his illegitimate daughter Rosemany Tarrant could be just the kind of insider in the police force who could “advise” on Helen’s dilemma.

It was Nigel Pargeter who used to be in touch with her but with him dead, maybe Elizabeth could be persuaded to trawl through his filofax.

She would be 49, no doubt a Chief Inspector or Superintendent and possibly about to retire. She could find her way back into owning Blossom Hill Cottage and become a latter-day Miss Marple, peering out from under cascades of roses, drawing on the Gabriel instinct for survival in a harsh, if pure scented, world.

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