This is why we have and need an EU!

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 12 May 2016 in Blogging

Gas casualties 1915

It’s not Project Fear that’s the problem, it’s the willful ignorance and blind determination of Little Englanders to ignore history that is frightening.

Democratic people, bound together by ideas, common interests, and economics, don’t go to war.

They do risk undemocratic invasion, over borders or through airports.

Large scale political cohesion is not enough to ensure peace but it is a necessity, just as there are other necessities.

NATO is an insurance policy, not a panacea. It is a series of weapon systems of last resort, a tool for the prevention of war through the deterrence of being ready for it.

The people saying peace in Europe is NATO’s job, not the EU, are grossly misleading those who listen to them.

NATO was conceived as an antidote to the external threat of the Soviet Union and its ambitions, but it is a blunt, military instrument, a magnificent one, yes, but it is about early 20th century ideas of power, ultimately nuclear weapon power.

NATO contributes hugely to European security but was not, is not, and never could be the only way to achieve security.

Peace needs all the help it can get. It relies on pooled military power, yes, but it also takes individual effort, money, compromise, intellectual rigour and technology.

The current Peace or War landscape is bleak enough without moving closer to War by disassembling one of the pillars of Peace.

VOTE REMAIN – it’s not too late to change your mind Mr Gove, Mr Johnson, Ms Stuart, Ms Hoey…

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