Trump or Chump?

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 16 May 2016 in Blogging

If accurately reported, Trump has declared he will not get on with David Cameron because of his negative personal comments.

Fair enough, but by so doing, he only proves DC right: if Trump is so self-obsessed and thin-skinned that he puts DC’s comments ahead of the formal and informal intelligence ties, where we are a net contributor to western understanding of what’s going on in the world, our military contribution to US escapades, and support in general for the US way of doing business, then he’s all that DC said he was, and more, and certainly not a fit mind to lead a dog, let alone his own great country or the west.

Same seems to be true about Sadiq Khan’s comments, yet both sets of comments have been far exceeded in negativity in the US.

Odd: first rule of politics is not to posh yourself up, or at least not appear to; you’re not a serious person Donny, but try and rise above things, come to where the air smells sweeter!

Is this his attempt to kiss and make up?

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