Vote Gove, Get Vine

Posted by Ivan Rendall on 4 July 2016 in Blogging

History is packed with people whose aspirations fall just short of their talents in the pursuit of power. They will always remain just short of the top job because the true mysteries of real power will always be an enigma to them.

Some of those condemned to perpetual second place are wives; others are husbands; some of them are mistresses; others are close political allies.

Many aspirants eventually overreach themselves and fall foul of the princes and princesses who are comfortable wielding real power: think Henry II and Thomas Becket, Henry VIII and his wives and Chancellors, Catherine the Great and her husband and son, Josef Stalin and his generals, Harold MacMillan and his Cabinet.

Michael Gove would have made a perfect Cardinal Richelieu. Now he wants to be a prince too. Is it hubris or is he in fact married to an even more ruthless No. 2? 

Either way they are not individually or collectively a pair up  to wielding real power.

Save their relationship and save them from themselves – Vote for anybody but Govey.

You know it makes sense!

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